Did you know that over 80% of people now perform their initial searches for buying properties on-line. Just one photograph that is not ‘grabbing’ can cause a viewer to dismiss your house in less than 3 seconds. Thats a fact. Pictures are your initial ‘hooks’ to get your house sold, and are now critically important.

When selling your house yourself or using your favourite estate agency, you need high quality photographs to persuade on-line searchers to firstly notice your house then remain engaged with it, leading to increased requests for viewings, quicker sale times and achievement of your asking price.

The House Photographer specialises only in house photography, so we are 100% focused on helping get your house sold. We 'make' pictures, we do not simply 'take' pictures. We help you to present your house in the best way before pictures are taken. See "The Facts" tab for why this is important.

Give the photos to your preferred estate agent to ensure you have the best images possible. See 'Services' for more details.