The house photograph has to immediately connect with the buyer. It is the handshake, the first impression. Buyers will decide in around 3 seconds (According to Rightmove research) whether to dismiss it or not. Quality photos make a difference, a big difference.

The better the attractiveness of your house thumbnail on property websites, the more click throughs you will get to your individual house listing. The better the photography, the more time buyers spend engaging with your listing. The better the lifestyle staging, the better the emotions and feelings a buyer will have with your house. All which leads to more requests for a viewing. The more people who visit your house, the more likely you will have several offers in a quicker time period to get your house SOLD.
Houses with better photographs get more online attention according to a study by Redfin Corp.

In the graph opposite the green bar represents SLR (good) photography; the red is point and shoot cameras. A bigger percentage of houses are sold (and quicker) if good photography is used.

Reference: Special Report